In a standard Magento store, customers buy what is offered and if they don’t like what they see, they may go away. Maybe it is the price or terms that you may be willing to customize for them. With Bobcares Quote2Sales, you can provide quotes with custom prices, discounts and shipping terms.

Customers can use an RFQ form that notifies you by email. You can create custom Quotes based on existing products in the Magento store. Customers can view the quotes in My Account and convert the quote to an order.  Customers can view the status of their RFQ. We give privilege to admin to change the quote to order directly.

It can also solve a real world issue of companies that need to provide a comprehensive quote out of many parts. Example, a computer hardware company can create a quote of computers from various parts or a Contractor who needs to provide a custom work quote. Or a service provider like a web designer who wants to provide a custom quote based on existing plans.

Create Custom Quotes

Create custom quotes based on existing products, with custom prices, coupons and discounts. This feature gives you the possibility of getting into a discussion with the customer and increasing the conversion rates.

  • Create custom quotes based on existing products
  • Set custom prices for existing products
  • Notify clients on quote creation
  • Support for Simple, Grouped and Configurable products
  • Support for Coupons, Discounts and Custom priced products
  • Supports flat rate , free shipping, UPS and other shipping methods
  • Support for taxed goods and services

Engage the customer with RFQ forms.

Engage all those customers who are willing to negotiate with you. With quote2sales module, you can give special deals to all those customers and convert them. Quote2sales module enables customers to request for custom quotes. The shop owner gets the quote request as email or can view it in the admin panel.

  • Customers can fill out Request for Quote forms. Email notification to the sales team. 
  • View all RFQs in My Account.
  • Shop owner can view Request for Quotes from customers
  • Convert RFQ to Quote
  • Track the status of the RFQ

Reuse Quotes.

With quote2sales module installed, the website admin has the power to reuse custom quotes already created, modify it, and use it for another customer. All this can be done with just a few mouse clicks. It saves a lot of valuable time and even helps to avoid errors while creating custom quotes. The feature also helps the admin to create custom quote templates and use it whenever necessary. The admin user can directly convert the quote to an order.

One Click Ordering.

Once a quote is created, customers can convert the quote to an order with just a click. Now, customers don’t have to spend time finding products, adding to cart, updating billing address etc. They save time and you get a done deal.

  • Customers can view Quotes created by sales teams
  • Customers can convert quote to order
  • Buy products from quote
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