When the quote2sales module is installed successfully, a new menu link is added to admin panel menu bar.

Creating a new custom quote for a customer

  • Go to menu Quote2Sales -> Quotes & click on the link “Quotes”.
  • Then the interface for adding a new quote is displayed.
  • Click on the button “Create New Quote”
  • Select a customer from the list.
  • Or add a new customer to whom the custom quote should be sent.
  • Add products to the quote by clicking the button “Add Products”.
  • Simple Products can be added using the grid to select the items.
  • The selected products can be added to the quote by clicking the button “Add selected products to Quote”.
  • The admin can add custom prices for the product and update the items in the quote.
  • It supports different kind of shipping options while creating the quote.
  • Once the products are added, address information has been entered, shipping options are configured, the quotes can be submitted using the button “Submit Quote”.
  • The created quote can be viewed and cancelled later.
  • The quotes that are already submitted can be emailed several times to the customer.

Requesting a Quote -(Customer side/Frontend)

  • For requesting a custom quote, the customer should be logged into the Magento 2 store. Click onto the Sign In link located at the top
  • On clicking it, you will be redirected to the login page of the Magento 2 store.
  • Login to your account providing access credentials. Once logged-in you will see your customer dashboard as shown below. There you can see the two links “My RFQs” and “My Quotes”.
  • Click on “My RFQs”. Here we can see all the requests for quoted listed with their status as “Waiting” or “Converted to Quotes”.
  • In case, you do not have any requests for quotes yet, you can see a button to add new request for a Quotation. Click on the button “Add a New Request”.
  • You will get a form. Fill the form with your request and press submit.
  • You can create the quote as a Guest user using the Request for Quote link in the footer link in frontend magento 2 store.
  • The RFQ link in footer will take you to the request for quote form for a guest user. When you click on the submit button, an account is created and the user is logged in automatically.
  • That is it. Your request will be sent to the store owner by notifying through an email with the request details.

Converting RFQ to Quote:(Admin Side)

  • Login to Magento Admin Panel using your access credentials. Go to menu Quote2Sales -> Requests & click on the link “Requests”.
  • You will see the list of the RFQs submitted by various customers. At the roght end of each row (of the list), you will see a link named “Convert to Quotes”. By clicking on this link, the quote request can be converted to quotes.
  • On clicking “Convert to Quotes” link as above it displays the create quote screen with the all the user data pre-filled.
  • Now you can create a quote as explained in section “Creating a New Quote”.

Custom Configuration for the module

  • Login to Magento Admin Panel using your access credentials. Go to menu Quote2Sales -> Configurations & click on the link “Configurations”.
  • This will display the configuration related to the Quote2Sales module.
  • In the first section, “Request For Quote”, you can choose to enable or disable the “Request For Quote” footer link in the frontend magento 2 store.
  • In the second section, “Email Options”, you can make the settings for the email options.
  • You can enter the email id to which all the RFQ emails will be sent.
  • You can also choose the email templates and the email sender for the RFQ and Quotes Email that is sent to the customer.