How to Install Quote2sales Module

Magento has the built-in functionality to automatically install modules for your online store. Basically all you need is the latest quote2sales package ( bobcares_quote2sales-X.Y.Z.tgz ) downloaded from quote2sales website. Here we will explain in details how to install the module for Magento via Magento Connect.

Step 1

  • Log in to the Magento administrator area.
  • Then go to System -> Magento Connect -> Magento Connect Manager.

Step 2

  • Clicking on Magento connect manager menu item opens a new page for the Magento Connect Manager.
  • You will be asked to provide your administrative credentials again.
  • Provide your administrative access credentials and login to the connect manager

Step 3

  • Once logged in you will see 2 Tabs : Extensions and Settings. Select the first tab that is the “Extensions”.
  • In extensions tab you will see four sections. In that go to section “Direct package file upload”. This is the area where you can install a module if you have the package file with you.
  • Here you can see a button to choose a file. Click on it.
  • A dialog box for file upload pops up. Using the dialog box browse to your download directory ( where module package is downloaded ) and select the package file.
  • One you do that successfully you will see that the package file name is displayed next to the “chose file” button. Now click on the next button “Upload”.

Step 4


  • Once the button “upload” is clicked a shell is displayed (at the bottom of the page) which shows the progress of module installation.
  • When the installation is completed it will show a success message as shown in the screenshot.
  • After successful installation click on the “refresh” button.

Step 5


  • Go to section “Manage Existing Extensions” of connect manager page.
  • Make sure the module Bobcares-Quote2sales is listed in existing module listing