• On the front end, customers can request for a quote by submitting a form. The request can be general or product-specific. Once the request is submitted, the store admin gets an email notifying the same.
  • The store admin can convert this request to a custom quote.
  • The store admin can create a new custom quote for a customer.
  • The customer gets an email notification when a quote is created for him.
  • The customer can view the requests made by him in the “My RFQs” section of the “My Accounts” area on frontend.
  • The customer can view the quotes created for him in the “My Quotes” section of the “My Accounts area on the frontend. He can proceed to checkout with a quote from there.”
  • The store admin can convert a quote to an order from admin panel.
  • There is a custom shipping method provided with this extension which can be used by the store admin to create quotes or orders with a custom shipping price.