Support for RFQ forms with email notification

Engage all those customers who are willing to negotiate with you. With quote2sales module you can give special deals to all those customers and convert them. Quote2sales module enables customers to request for custom quotes. The shop owner gets the quote request as email or can view it in admin panel.

  • Customers can fill out Request for Quote forms.

  • The shopkeeper / admin receives an automatic mail notification regarding the
    request to the configured mail id of the admin.

  • Customer can view all RFQs in his My Account.

  • Shop owner can view Request for Quotes from customers in the admin end

Step 1

  • Firstly in admin panel configure the mail id to send the notifications regarding the request. For that go to System -> Configuration, under Quote2Sales section there is an option to configure the mail id to which the notification has to be sent.

Step 2

  • In the customer end, for requesting a custom quote, the customer should be logged in to Magento store. To get login form, click on the “My Account” link as shown.

Step 3

  • On clicking it, you will be redirected to customer login page for Magento store.

Step 4

  • Login to your account providing access credentials. Once logged-in, you will see your Magento dashboard. Find out the two links “My Quotes” and “My RFQs”. Both these links are part of quote2sales module. Click on “My RFQs”.

Step 5

  • Now you will see a button to add a new request for a Quotation. Click on the button “Add a New Request”. You will get a form. Fill up the form with your request and press submit.

Step 6

  • That is it. Your quote will be sent to the store owner. The request is sent as mail to the owner. You can list all your previous quote requests on clicking the “My RFQs” link again.