Product wise quote request

Enabling users to choose a product and adding the product directly for quotation.

Step 1

  • In admin panel go to Catalog -> Manage product -> Add/Edit product.
  • Under the General tab you will find an option ‘Display request for Quote’ to select/deselect the product for quotation.

Step 2

  • In customer end choose a product.
  • In the product page you will find a link “Request for Quote” option below the product.
  • On clicking on it, you will be directed to the My RFQs page.

Step 3

  • In RFQ page, the product is directly added.
  • To submit the request click on submit button.

Step 4

  • In the admin area you can view the request in the request page (Quote2Sales -> Requests) and on converting the request to quote the chosen product is directly added to the quote.

Step 5

  • Admin can also add additional comments to the Quote.
  • This will increase the interaction between the customer and admin.

Step 6

  • Once a quote is generated, you can view the Quote in MyQuotes section of user panel along with seller comments.

Step 7

  • You can either accept the Quote and proceed to checkout/re-request/cancel the quote.

Step 8

  • The same is sent via mail and he can proceed to checkout/re-request/cancel the quote through the link provided in the mail.

Step 9

  • If you reject the quote then the quote is rejected and the status is shown as rejected in the My Quotes Page of admin panel.

Step 10

  • Additionally , when a user sends request, the admin receives a mail regarding the request and admin can convert it to quote by clicking on link provided “Create Quote”