Create custom quotes with custom pricing and terms

Create custom quotes based on existing products, with custom prices and terms. This feature gives you the possibility of getting into a discussion with the customer and increasing the conversion rates.

Step 1

  • Go to menu quote2sales -> Quotes & Click on the link Quotes.
  • Then the interface for adding a new quote is displayed

Step 2

  • Click on the button “Create New Quote”

Step 3

  • Select a customer from the customer list
  • Or add a new customer to whom the custom quote should be sent to

Step 4

  • Add products to the quote by clicking the button “Add Products”

Step 5

  • Simple products can be added just like that
  • You get an option to configure the product if it is configurable product
  • The selected products can be added to quote by clicking the button “Add Selected Products to Quote”

Step 6

  • Before submitting the quote you can select the shipping methods also.
  • Once a quote is provided with custom price , the quote could be created by clicking the submit button and a success message will be displayed.

Step 7

  • You may edit the products even after adding it to custom quote
  • While adding products to quote you may provide custom pricing